Yippie! Now that you are on the beach, let’s have some fun.

People love hanging around beaches.

The very sight of waves rumbling onto the beach is a joy to behold. But what about the kids? It won’t be long before they show signs of restlessness of doing nothing even though they are at a scenic place.

Here are some tips from our Murble Game Team to keep them entertained beyond building sandcastles and swimming:

1 – Fill-em Bucket Relay Race

Beach Bucket and Shovel

What you’ll need: 2 small buckets of similar size.

Let’s race!

See to it that the kids are evenly distributed across two teams. Adults can join in if they want to. The rule of thumb is that the buckets need to be placed 10 feet away from the body of water.

Each kid cups water and races to fill the bucket with his bare hands while the second one next to him in the order runs after it’s filled.

The first team to fill the bucket wins!

2 – Beach Water Balloon FightBeach Water Balloon Fight

What you’ll need: Water balloons and kids willing to get wet.

Let’s play!

Now, this is an awesome way to cool off in the hot summer sun! The objective of this game is to catch the balloons without letting them pop (now what’s the fun in that?).

But then again, slinging the water loaded soft bullets and watching our loved ones dive for cover with the hopes of evading this non-lethal “weapon” is a joy to behold.

Get ready to get wet.

3 – Kite Flying

Beach Kite Flying

What you’ll need: kites.

Let’s fly!

Kites and restless kids are the perfect beach game. It’s exhilarating to watch them run around the shoreline clutching the strings of their kites!

The breeze will ensure that the kites are in the sky most of the time and keep your kids entertained.

4 – L-I-M-B-O

What you’ll need: Lots of sand and a pole.

Let’s LIMBO!

Two people hold the pole (or a cord) while the participant goes through while bending backward. The last person who successfully crosses without touching the pole wins.

Kids might face a bit of difficulty in bending so allowing them to slip in sideways is not a bad idea.

5 – Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Sunset

What you’ll need: A volleyball net and a volleyball.

Let’s Volley!

Keep in mind that these are kids. They need kid-friendly rules.

Spiking to the opponents is out of the question.
Though volleyball has a set of rules, you are free to tweak it for more kid-friendly standards.

For starters, the net needn’t be set high (Kids, remember?). Rules such as to not allow the ball to touch the ground for keeping the game alive can be some tweaks that can keep the kids entertained.

And last but not the least…

6 – Murbles

Murbles Outdoor Game Makes the News

What you’ll need: A bag of colorful Murbles.

Let’s Rumble!

Murbles is a simple game which doesn’t require professional expertise nor any sort of skills. A fun game for people of all ages, Murbles can be enjoyed in your backyard or at a beach with room to play.


Basically, you get to throw these beautiful and vibrant balls at your competitor’s colorful balls and see how far it goes. It’s quite simple and is a good way to exercise and have fun!

To learn more about this delightful game, please click here. Have fun.