Playing outside has always been a fun and exciting opportunity for kids to express themselves creatively and connect with others in a healthy manner. Ten to twenty years ago, you would be hard-pressed to find any child that did not adore playing outside, but nowadays there is a strong progression of indoor-oriented children.

Regardless of the cause of this particular societal difference, there are still many reasons why playing outdoors is so beneficial for developing youngsters. From health benefits to cleanliness, playing outside can dramatically improve both the parents’ and the child’s mood.

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Children 1: Outdoor Playtime Improves Vision

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Children – When children play primarily indoors, the need for distance vision is negligible. This forced captivity results in impairment of the eye development, causing many kids to grow up with poor eyesight. Playing outside has been shown to improve overall vision, both in terms of quality and distance. Children who play outside have a higher chance of developing their eyes fully and subsequently having 20-20 vision.

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Children 2: Improved Socialization Skills

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Children – Kids who play inside are often isolated, which leads to them becoming uncomfortable in the majority of social situations. When they have play partners, there is often an age gap that contributes to an inability to socialize appropriately with peers.

Whether they play primarily with the parents or with siblings, children who play indoors tend to be significantly less capable of socializing appropriately with others. Communication is a fundamental part of existence as a whole, and learning these skills early on will be incredibly beneficial.

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Children 3: Attention Span Improvement

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Children – Even kids with ADHD can experience a remarkable increase in their own attention spans when they play outside more often. Playing outside requires self-directed investigation and exposure to new things, which can require much more concentration than the majority of indoor activities. Most importantly, the outdoor activities tend to elicit a stronger desire to increase attention span in children, which is just as large a contributing factor as a requirement.

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Children 4: Healthy Bodily Functions

Benefits of Outdoor Games for Children – Kids who play outside have a significant advantage of kids who don’t. Children who grow up being physically active are much more likely to develop healthy habits and lead more well-balanced lives than their counterparts.

Running around, playing, laughing, and communicating with others are all important parts of development, from both a physical and a psychological perspective. Children can reap the benefits of vitamin D and explore uncharted territories, actively engaging their imaginations while improving their physical health.

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