Family Reunion Game


For most, family reunions are a time of happiness and celebration. Whether the family gathers once a year or once a decade, it is always a cherished time. What better way to bring the family together than to get the competitive spirit flowin’ with a family reunion game everyone can enjoy?

Murbles makes a great family reunion game. Everyone can play – from grandma to the youngest cousin, all ages and abilities can enjoy this fun game.

How to Make Murbles a Hit at Your Next Family Reunion

This family reunion, you’re not going to bring the same casserole you brought to the last one. You’re not even going to bring one at all this time. Instead, you’re going to bring a new game that everyone will love. Yeah, you’re mixing it up because that’s what makes family reunions fun – the unexpected.

Here’s how you’re going to do it.

Grab a set of Murbles.

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For large groups, we recommend the Large Activity Set since you’ll have quite a few cousins wanting know what these colorful balls are all about.

If you haven’t played before, get acquainted with the game before you head off to the familial extravaganza. You want to know what you’re doing so you can teach everyone correctly.

Teach everyone how to play.

Thankfully, Murbles is super easy to learn. No more explaining complicated rules to your aunt who still doesn’t understand football.

Choose colors. Each player picks one color before pouring out the Murbles.

Let ’em loose and dump the Murbles on the ground.

Determine which colored ball is closest to the white Target Ball. For situations in which two or more colored Game Balls are at similar distances away from the Target Ball, a player can “walk it off” stepping heel-to-toe from the Target Ball to each ball in question to determine whose Game Ball is closer. If it’s a blue ball, the player or players who’ve chosen the blue Murbles will pick up the Target Ball and toss it.

Walk it Off


Points are awarded to the player(s) whose Game Ball is closest to the Target Ball. To determine who is awarded points and how many, just count the number of Game Balls between the Target Ball and the opponent’s nearest ball. If the Target Ball is moved during a round of play, simply score points from the new position.

How to Score

If there is a tie between two or more Game Balls that are closest to the Target Ball, remove them and score form the remaining Game Balls.

If two Game Balls are several feet away from the Target Ball and are competing for points, one player may have to “walk it off” to determine which Game Ball is closest to the Target Ball.

The player who won the round of play starts the next round of play from within the general vicinity where the Target Ball was previously. If the Target Ball is tossed into an unsafe or hazardous area, a Replay may result. Both players must agree to a Replay and control of the Target Ball does not change.

Bad Throws

A bad throw occurs when a player who has just won control of the Target Ball starts a round of play with a Game Ball instead of the Target Ball! The player who made the mistake has to give the Target Ball to his or her opponent to start the round of play, plus take the “Walk of Shame” to retrieve their game ball and deduct one point from their score.

Always keep an eye on the Target Ball when starting a round of play!

Additional Tips and Tricks

All Murbles have the name embossed on the ball. For optimum ball control, grip the ball with your fingertips in these groves. This method allows you to spin the ball. You can use a reverse spin to make your ball stick upon contact with the ground. Use a forward spin to gain distance on the firm ground. You can spin left or right to get into those tight spaces.

Hand Spin