A Great Beach Game


As soon as the winter diminishes and the warm summer weather sets in, there is nothing as exciting as making a visit to the beach. Good beach games meant for young ones keep them happy and let them have a fun time by the seaside. If you have family or friends with you, a good game by the sea can be the perfect way to bring everyone together in a fun way and to share the joys of playing.

Murbles Beach Game

One of the best ways to enjoy a great beach game is to try your hands at Murbles. Murbles have long been played as a fun group activity and it is even more fun to play a Murbles game at the beach and on the sand. Of course, you will be using larger Murbles balls which usually come as part of a quality outdoor Murbles game set.

The great thing about Murbles is that you have a lot of room for creativity. You can define your own rules and play the game according to them. Or you can play the rules according to one of the most fun configurations of the game. Following are the sample set of guidelines which you can use to turn a set of Murbles into one of the most exciting beach games.

Starting a Murbles Beach Game

Starting this game of Murbles by the beach is simple. There is one target ball (the white ball) that is the main focus of the game and several game balls in distinct colors, like red and blue, in the bag.

First, call out the color of your game ball you will be playing with, then dump all the balls on the sand. The player whose game ball is closest to the target ball starts the game. If there are more than 2 players playing the game, you can form teams, as team Red and team Blue, for example.

Now that the preliminaries of this beach game are out of the way, we’ll explain how it begins.

Tossing the Target Ball

Now that you have determined who will start the game, the players can line up, standing side by side.

The player who has control of the target ball will tosses the target ball forward using an underarm toss. Once the target ball is tossed out, players cannot move from their relative locations.

The throw should not be too hard and roughly somewhere between 3 and 30 feet. The player tossing out the target ball should try to position it where he or she can easily aim at it while trying to make it slightly difficult for the opponent to aim at it successfully.

For instance, you can throw it toward a position where uneven sand might make an obstacle for your opponent’s throw while giving you an open position to throw well. Using the beach sand and uneven terrain as part of the game to your advantage makes the game exciting and fun for all.

The Murbles are buoyant so you may try few rounds in the water if it is calm and shallow.

Taking Turns at Throwing

Once the first player throws the target ball and it comes to rest on the sand, it is time for the second player to aim at it. Each player has his game balls with him and starting with the second player, both players start taking alternate aims at the target ball.

The aim of these throws is to get your game balls as close to the target ball as possible. When a player throws a game ball towards the target ball, it may hit another game ball or the target ball or it may simply roll near either of them.

After each player has thrown all the game balls in aiming at the target ball, this marks the end of one round of this beach game. At the end of the round, it is time to determine the score of each player.

Determining the Score of Each Player

Determining the score in Murble game is quite simple. At the end of the round, both players walk over to the target ball. It is now time to see which ball is closest to the target ball. If it’s the red ball, the player with red balls gets a point, and vice versa. Also, if the two balls closest to the target ball are both of the same colors, the player gets two points. If the three closest balls are of the same color, the player who tossed those balls gets three points.

There is also the possibility of a tie. If a red and a blue ball are at an equal distance from the target ball, this is a tie. But it can be easily resolved. Determine the ball that is second-closest to the target ball. The color of this ball will determine which player gets the points.

Starting the Next Round of the Beach Game

After scoring a round of play, the players pick up their game balls. The winner of the last round of play also takes control of the target ball to start the next round of play. This marks the next round of this exciting beach game.

The player who now has control of the point ball decides the direction and distance of the next round of play. The players line up standing comfortable side by side for the next round of play. This round of play proceeds much like the first round and the scoring is again done once all of the game ball have been played.

Once either of the players reaches 10 points , he or she WINS and the game comes to an end.

Murbles is the perfect beach game because it is easy to play, fun for all ages, abilities and brings people together in a fun way. There is no physical contact or physical exertion, and when you are done enjoying the game, simply toss your Murbles back into the canvas tote bag and head home.