Bring Murbles Camping


Are you in need of a fun outdoor campground game to play with your loved ones, children and adults in the park, during that yearly camping trip? Well, you will love the Murble game. It is easy to play and generates tons of fun in the sun for an engaging and very enjoyable outdoor playing session at any time of day.

Murbles Campground Game

Campground games for the entire family are meant to be fun and provide quality bonding time for you and your loved ones. Murbles is the ultimate thriller when you get together with family and friends provided your little ones are old enough to understand the basics of the game. As you can tell from the name the game involves playing with Murbles which are a set of larger balls which should not be confused with marbles.

There are a number of reasons why Murbles is the perfect campground game. It is incredibly easy to play. It requires absolutely minimal equipment. In fact, the only equipment required is the Murble balls and nothing else. Finally, it can use all terrain obstacles to its advantage. When playing on campground, the bush, the tree, the high grass, the uneven ground and other aspects of the terrain become a part of the game. In fact, the more the obstacles, the more fun it is to play this game.

The best games have a big fun factor as does the Murbles game. This game has fun written all over it and should absolutely make the top games you want to play the next time you have an opportunity to spend some quality outdoor time with family and friends.

In case you are worried you do not have the athletic ability or skills you need to be able to play a Murbles game, don’t worry. Murbles does not require any practice to play well and enjoy. Everyone hates a game that is too difficult to learn and play with proficiency the first time. Murbles is easy to learn and play from the start.

How To Play Murbles Campground Game

  • Players stand side by side in an open space with three balls each and a    target ball
  • One player starts the game by throwing the target ball into the play space.
  • The tossing is strictly forward and underarm
  • The target ball must be tossed at least three feet from the point where players stand side by side.
  • The players then take turns at throwing their balls as close as possible to the target ball.
  • When all the balls are thrown out, the players will then walk up to the target ball to see whose ball landed the closest to the target ball.
  • The player whose ball falls closest to the target ball scores a point or several points
  • If there is a tie of the two players’ balls, the two balls should be removed leaving the score to be decided by the remaining closest ball.
  • The next round of play is started by the scoring player from the previous round

The Twist

Every good campground game has a unique twist to the rules that adds to the fun during the game. Murbles is no exception. If a player mistakes any other ball for the target ball when starting the next round then they have to surrender the target ball to the opponent and take the walk of shame to get back their game ball. Additionally, a point or points are taken from the score of the player who makes the mistake. So mark the target ball at all times to avoid this penalty.

Target Ball Out of Play Area

Supposing you toss a ball too far outside the desired field of play or in an area where there is a hazard that could ruin the fun, then a replay condition should be set by agreement between players. The role of starting play does not change in the case of a replay.

Game Turn and Difficulty Level

Players take turns competing in teams of two and from the start, players alternate tossing balls. The player who wins the previous round takes charge of the target ball and get the opportunity to set how hard the challenge will be.

Game End

You can play Murbles campground game all day long if that’s what you want. The short duration of rounds coupled with the incredible ease of playing and the amount of fun involved make the Murbles campground game an addictive game to play and enjoy for hours on end. It makes a perfect last activity of the day because players don’t need much energy since the game is not that physically demanding, it just requires focus.

Can the Whole Family Enjoy Murbles?

Yes, Murbles is an enjoyable campground game for adults and kids alike. You can even buy several sets with color variation and establish an order of throwing to accommodate more players. You will have even more fun if you are playing opponents much younger or older than yourself. Time spent playing Murbles is quality time. It is a sweet competitive campground game with more fun and not much emphasis on winning.

Luck vs Strategy and Skill in Playing

The Murbles campground game does not require special skills or much practice to learn how to compete professionally but instead involves a bit of luck and general ball handling skills. A good tip would to grab the ball taking advantage of the large grooves of the inscribed word “Murbles” to provide maximum grip.

Final Thoughts on Murbles Campground Game for the Entire Family

When you need a game that is going to keep you and your loved ones entertained outdoors, the Murbles game is it! It is a stress reliever being incredibly easy to play yet often ending in unpredictable outcomes. You will be surprised at how accurate younger better coordinated players can be against elder opponents. There is good exercise in there as well so it is one well-rounded game. Perhaps the best thing yet about the Murbles game is the beautiful oversized marbles used in the game. They will outlast many toys and offer same reliable source of joy for years to come thanks to their durability.