I gave a set of Murbles to my nephews last Christmas. I didn’t know how they would like the game because they usually play games inside on their computer. This summer they came to visit me. I got out a bag of Murbles and they went crazy. They were so excited that I had a set. They told me how much they loved the game.

All of us went outside to play. This included: a five-year-old, a 7o-year-old, and two boys ages 10 and 11. All of us could play this game together. The five-year-old could play with us and the 70-year-old grandmother could play. It is so unusual to find a game that different age groups can play together. This game got the whole family to go outside and to exercise instead of staying inside playing computer games.

Murbles is a simple game. The rules are easy to follow and learn. There are no nets that have to be set up. You don’t have to buy any equipment to play. All you need is the Murble balls.

This is truly a family-friendly outdoor game. Next, we are going to play Murbles on the beach.

If your children need to go outside to play, this is a great game to get them outside.