Christmas time is almost here! It’s time to choose the gifts you will offer to friends and family. We always want to give and share our best, and there are a lot of reasons that makes Murbles the best Christmas gift for the whole family. Still don’t know what to offer to some of your relatives? Murbles is the answer, and we are going to show you why!

It’s the perfect excuse to gather all the family.

Murbles is the perfect excuse to gather all the family around a fun activity. And this will create a healthy and fun competition between you all. Every family meeting will be an opportunity to show your aunts and cousins, who won the last sets, who will now lead the game. Suitable for all ages, Murbles will be a perfect Christmas gift for your young cousin or grandma and will create a whole new dynamic in your family meetings and special occasions.

You’ll create beautiful memories together.

Imagine how will now be Cousin Tony’s birthday barbecue if you offer him the Murbles game this Christmas? There will be a lot of funny teasing around who will be the best player! But mostly and foremost, a lot of funny situations that will make all family laugh and comment during months on facebook or Instagram. Murbles will help you can create a beautiful gallery of special family moments that will be remembered and relived through all your family generations.

Help your family to switch off.

Technology is bliss, and so it is a nice outdoor family activity! As we know, sometimes, even in the family meetings, everyone is scotched to the smartphone. It’s becoming difficult to switch off and find a good activity to get together. Murbles game it’s perfect to create these moments and all the family will love playing this outdoor game. That’s why Murbles is the perfect Christmas gift: it helps to family cohesion in a funny and healthy environment. Can you imagine a better gift?

Promote exercise among the family easily.

Our contemporary sedentary way of life is having a high impact on our health. Playing Murbles is a way to promote exercise without big effort. Staying up to play, walking or running to catch all the balls at the end of a game…these are simple movements that players will do, sometimes without even noticing it! Murbles is the Christmas gift the whole family can enjoy and it’s also a healthy and funny way to promote exercise.

You can play Murbles wherever you want.

It’s a great game to play at the beach, while camping, on your backyard, on family parties…It’s easy to transport, so it can be played anytime, anywhere! It can be played during all year, even in your backyard in winter! Offer Murbles this Christmas, and imagine how funny will be the next one, at the fireplace, seeing all the family photos taken playing Murbles during all year!

Our game sets are available in small and large, from 2 up to 16 players. Check out yours and this Christmas, offer an unforgettable gift the whole family will enjoy!