Before computers and video games and television sets were in nearly every home, kids had to look elsewhere for their entertainment. For most, the obvious choice was outdoor games. Tag, basketball, and nearly endless other activities were available. Even during the 80s and 90s, when all of these electronics were relatively common, kids were still choosing the outdoors.

It is not until recent years that kids have begun choosing the indoor life, preferring computer games over anything the outdoors can offer. When it comes to outdoor games vs computers, have computers really replaced outdoor games? Are children loving computer games more and preferring to stay inside as a result?

Outdoor Games vs Computers

As a whole, kids are choosing computer games more often these days. Computers and computer games have become increasingly common. In most households across the United States, you can find at least one computer in them. With the ready availability of computers, and the options these days, kids are deciding that this is the easiest and best option. They can stay inside, have fun, talk to friends, and never have to leave.

Computer games available on websites or for download, like on Steam, make this an accessible option for any kid. They can find and play a game, possibly purchase it if they have the money or their parents’ permission, without much effort. The huge selection, from small and repetitive Flash games to massive world builders, gives every kid a reason to play. This creates generations of children who want to stay inside, stay online, and stay playing their games. Throw in the online capabilities of games and kids never want to leave.

Choosing Online Over Outdoors

Then it comes to outdoor Games vs computers, the advantages of playing online games, for most kids, outweigh the advantages of playing outdoor games. Since these games are available from their own home, without needing to go anywhere or do anything, kids feel it is the obvious choice. It does lead to outdoor games being replaced, sadly. Kids are not as attracted to the idea of going outdoors anymore, especially since it requires more planning and effort to play a game.

This does not mean that outdoor games are replaced entirely. Plenty of kids continue to play outdoors, with their friends and doing all types of activities, but a greater number continue to choose online games. As the available games continue to increase in numbers, and kids have increased access to them, this is not going to stop.

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