Tournament Standard Set – Up to 2 Players – 7 Balls


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Standard Tournament 7 ball set is a new exciting, family-friendly lawn game that is great for ages 9 – Adult.

This 2-player Murble set has 7 balls high-density poly plastic 3IN. diameter ½ pound balls in a drawstring canvas bag with game instruction printed on the back is available in custom colors sets.

Players alternate turns trying to get their game balls as close as they can to the target ball. Each player plays with 3 game balls. This set has 1 target ball. (Usually White)

Murbles can be played just about anywhere, and the terrine becomes part of the game. It’s fun, it’s easy to play, exciting, and suspenseful for the whole family.

Great for tailgating, camping, the beach, the park, or just in the backyard.



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