RV America Magazine | Article by April Fillingim | Sr. Art Director/Editor | June 2023

If you’re an adult, especially if you have/had kids, you may love those moments of nothing, and your kids probably loathe them. On the other hand, there are people like my dad who cannot sit still and need something to organize, complete, or just tinker with. Unless your plan is to make a small repair on your rig, plan your next stop, or take a nap, I’ve made a small list for you restless and fidgety road trippers. Some of these you might know well and some not so much, but they sure keep me occupied.

Call your parents, kids, or siblings …. Seriously, call them!

The game you never knew you needed. Even better, it was created by our friend and fellow camper, Murray Kramer. Murbles is a simple game that is loosely based on the European game bocce. Here is a diagram of game scenario examples on the playing field: One player throws the white ball (target ball). Once it is thrown, players cannot move from their chosen positions. The object is to get as close to the target ball as possible. The catch is that only one player can score points per round, so whoever lands more balls closer scores those points for each ball. If you’re competitive, you can knock an opponent’s ball away from the target. Click here for a full set of rules (and tips).

If a game like this sounds good to you, take a look at Murbles! It is the perfect Lawn Bowling game for camping. Full of excitement and suspense, it is designed to be played by the whole family and each player can have their own custom color balls to play the game with. Start a new camping tradition!

Happy Murbleing!!!

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